Dear JCI member,

As you may know by now, following a formal process JCI has announced my new role as Secretary General of this great organization. It is with immense humility and enthusiasm that I accept this role and its responsibilities. 

But today is not about my new position at JCI World Headquarters, it is a day to celebrate the work of active citizens around the world. Today we acknowledge that our work is only beginning. 

During the 100th Anniversary of the JCI Movement, I believe that now more than ever, in a world plagued with terrorism, inequality, greed and injustice, the passion and drive to carry out our founder’s vision of global everlasting peace is crucial. In spite of so many global challenges, I know that the world is full of active citizens; I know that JCI members see the challenges our world faces as opportunities for positive change. These challenges affect everyone near and far and it is the threat of those challenges and our common humanity that each of us share.

The world awaits our action. It yearns for a new kind of citizen — one that is active, empowered and takes ownership of the future. Along with an incredible team, JCI World Headquarters and I commit to supporting our members in ways that are forward thinking and long lasting. Our mission is to support the development of these citizens 

As JCI Secretary General, I commit to carrying out the 2014-2018 JCI Strategic Plan and working with stakeholders throughout the organization to continue to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. I commit to creating an environment where young active citizens are empowered to unite all sectors within their community to face today’s challenges, develop solutions and create sustainable impact around the world. 

I am looking forward to continuing my journey serving this organization and hundreds of thousands of active citizens around the world in my new position as JCI Secretary General. I hope to meet you at an upcoming JCI Area Conference near you in the next few weeks




Arrey Obenson

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