Dear Senator! 

We are delighted to make everything possible again and to invite you to the next best thing after EC 2006 – the JCI Nordic Inspiration Conference “Beyond Borders”. The event will be held in Tallinn from 20th to 23rd of August.

This conference aims to introduce new business ideas, technologies and subcultures that shape the future. During the conference you’ll hear many interesting stories from successful organizations (e.g. Philips DesignBMW and Harley Davidson) and bold people (e.g. Dan PantaleoSoulaima Gourani and Mattias Lepp). Full overview of the keynote programme can be found from here.

During this conference we will celebrate JCI’s 100th birthday and JCI Estonia Senate’s 20th birthday.

Dear JCI Senators, please see below the SENATE PROGRAMME which is designed specially for you and your partners. Experience the best picks and suggestions what Tallinn and Estonia has to offer!

Please register here before 30th of April to benefit from the regular price (199€ for Jaycees and 249€ for non-members). There are already more than 450 attendees, the full list is available here. We would be honored to see your name among them!

Yours truly,

JCI Nordic Inspiration Conference 2015 team
On behalf of JCI Nordic group chambers

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