Supporting chapters that have growing pains and prevent chapters from becoming too small

  • Financial support
    • For social media campaigns when a small chapter organizes an activity with impact (i.e., no fundraisers, gala, …) and wants to reach a larger public than JCI members.
    • Budget for a new folder about JCI
    • Training: GPS and others
    • Promotion of the JCI Action Plan tool

This financial support is available for chapters with less than 25 members.

The applications will be reviewed twice a year during the board meetings of June and December. This means that all applications must be sent by the following deadlines: 31/5 and 30/11.

Online visibility initiative

JCI Senate Belgium wishes to support local chapters to create visibility for their external events with impact. Nowadays visibility is generated online, which is why we want to stimulate the use of online media.

In short, a local chapter can receive financial support for a project with impact that is promoted online and adheres to the following criteria:

  • External project with impact within one of the areas of opportunity of JCI
  • Target audience is external to JCI
  • Promotion through Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Max. €50 per project

In order to receive this support, the local chapter must send the following to JCI Senate Belgium:

  • Statistics from the campaign (price, reached audience… )
  • Link to the Facebook page of the event
  • Link to the Facebook page of the local chapter

JCI Senate Belgium has foreseen a budget for this initiative and the support is granted until exhaustion of the budget.

As you can see, this initiative wants to stimulate local chapters to put their information, activities and events online – thereby generating more online visibility.

To apply for this support, please fill in the form below: