Tickets EC Bruges for JCI Belgium members

JCI Senate Belgium is selling 4 tickets for EC Bruges at € 399 according to the first come – first served principle to members of JCI Belgium.
Please send an e-mail to senate@jci.be if you are interested.

JCI Senate Belgium vend 4 tickets pour EC Bruges à € 399 selon le principe du premier arrivé – premier servi aux membres de la JCI Belgium.
Veuillez envoyer un e-mail à senate@jci.be si vous êtes intéressé.

JCI Senate Belgium verkoopt 4 tickets voor het EC Bruges aan € 399 volgens het principe van first come – first served aan leden van JCI Belgium.
Stuur een e-mail naar senate@jci.be bij interesse.


Staines visit 2022

50 years ago, the members of JCI Belgium returned from the European Conference in Edinburgh. After a stopover in London, the most unthinkable happened: the plane crashed near Staines. No one survived the accident, including 7 members of JCI Belgium and 2 partners.

The great loss was answered by enormous international solidarity and the Staines Foundation was founded. To this day, this foundation is still active.
Each year, the Staines Award, which is seen as the highest honor for a JCI member, is presented at a moving ceremony, honored by JCI London.

This year it will of course be a special commemoration. Together with as many JCI members as possible, we travel to London and Staines to experience the 50th ‘anniversary’ of the Staines disaster and to pay our respects to our former JCI fellows.

We leave on Friday 17 June. On Saturday 18 June we will participate in the commemoration in Staines, followed by an afternoon and evening program organized by JCI London. On Sunday, June 19, we plan an extra visit and return home.
Put these dates in your agenda. It will be a unique moment for all members of the JCI-family.

More info: Staines visit 2022 (google.com)