JCI Senate Belgium Mid Year Event

Mechelen – May 5th 2019

New museum Hof van Busleyden

& diner by Ken Verschueren

The board & JCI Mechelen invites all senators for the
JCI Senate Belgium Mid Year Event on May 5th in Mechelen.


  • General assembly JCI Senate Belgium
  • Visit @ Museum Hof Van Busleyden
  • Diner @ Predikherenklooster by chef Ken Verschueren

Details will folow. Registrations aren’t open yet. 

Info over het museum: Hof van Busleyden

JCI Senator’s EC Lyon 2019 pre-tour

We received a invitation of senator Gérard Chabert #50663 for the JCI Senator’s EC Lyon pre-tour.

It is a tradition to propose a pre-tour to the senators to discover the region of the European Conference site. This year, we propose to discover the south part of the region, called Drôme-Provençale. It’s located 100 kilometres south from Lyon in the Rhône Valley and it’s the beginning of the Provence.

The pre-tour starts from Lyon city centre on Sunday 5th May 2019 morning and it finishes in Lyon, just in front of the conference site on Wednesday 8th May (end of morning).


JCI EC 2019 Pretour Programme Valence

Please register before 31th Mars 2019.

JCI Senate EC 2019 pretour application form

JCI Senate Belgium New Years Event

Sunday 27 jan 2019 – Africa Museum Tervuren



JCI Senate Belgium invites on sunday january 27th all his members to their New Years Event at the reopened Africa Museum in Tervuren.


  • 11:00 drink and presidential handover
  • 12:00 walking dinner
  • 14:00 visit museum


  • All-in (drink & ceremony, diner, museum): € 60 | € 55*
  • Only drink + diner: € 52 | € 47*
  • Only drink + museum: € 25 | € 23*
  • All-in child (-12y): € 40

*Only for senators who paid their voluntary contribution in 2018.

Registrations are closed.


Africa Museum Tervuren

Leuvensesteenweg 13
3080 Tervuren