Last Sunday, December 11 2016, we celebrated Active Citizen Day. After a moment at the Staines Memorial, people went to see Manneken Pis for the occasion wearing his JCI uniform. Following this, a drink was offered by JCI Senate Belgium in a small pub nearby.

At 17h, the official part of the program started in Nemo 33, where JCI Belgium offered a program about the Sustainable Development Goals and how to implement them in JCI projects. A partnership with Exchange was already active between JCI Belgium and Exchange, and a new partnership with WeDo was signed during the program. Also, the national president chain was transferred from 2016 national president Sarah Lammers to 2017 national president Wouter Danckaert.

Finally, the attendees could vote for their favorite SDG project and a network reception was offered.

Pictures of the event can be seen here

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