Visiting Belgium?

JCI Senate Belgium has over 850 senators spread all over the country (and abroad). Whenever a JCI senator decides to come to Belgium for business or pleasure, for a short or a long period, there will always be a Belgian senator to give him the best advices on how to benefit from his stay in our small country.

Feel free to contact JCI Senate Belgium on info@jcisenatebelgium.

Belgian senator going abroad?

Belgian senators have always been extensive travelers, within the JCI organization or for business and pleasure. JCI Senate Belgium aims at facilitating the contact with foreign JCI senators.

In an other post, you will find a list of senators keeping regular
contact with other JCI senators organizations.  Would you be keen to
be on this list, do not hesitate to contact Jean-Paul on

On the website of JCI Senate Europe, you will find a nearly exhaustive list of main events organized by JCI Senate organisations.

JCI Senate Belgium will be represented or organise a senators delegation at the following JCI Senate events: Visiting Belgium or Belgian Senator going abroad

For EC and WC, the delegation will form part of the project organized by JCI Belgium.

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  1. If BRUGES is on your list, contact Willy Machiels sen 12715 at

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