Invitation Active Citizen Day 2017

Just like every year, we want to celebrate the Birthday of JCI in 2017. This year however, the celebration date is Friday and Saturday December 8 & 9.
On Friday we have the official Staines memorial and the visit to Manneken Pis, dressed in his JCI Outfit, with a drink offered by JCI Senate Belgium.
Saterday the official program of JCI Belgium, with the traditional passing of the presidential chain.
The program
Friday December 8
  • 15.45: Staines Memorial at Square Frère-Orban
  • 16.45: Ceremony at the Manneken Pis statue, dressed in his JCI Outfit, with speeches
  • 17.15: Drink offered by JCI Senate Belgium at Le Pouchenellekelder next to the statue.
Saterday December 9
  • 8.30: Welcome
  • 9.00: Introduction vision 2025
  • 9.30: Open forum about vision 2025
  • 12.15: Lunch
  • 13.30: Introduction World Cleanup Day
  • 14.00: Brussels Cleanup Day
  • 15.30: Start reception
  • 16.00: Keynotes
  • 17.00: End
Fee for Saterday
  • Whole day: 25 Euro
  • Morning program: 20 Euro (lunch included)
  • Afternoon program: (15 Euro (joining after lunch)
Location Saterday
Co.station Brussels (Sinter Goedelevoorplein 5, Brussel)
You can read more or register on

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